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Consumer goods reflect the power of advertising

Today, the high sales of popular consumer goods reflect the power of advertising and not the real needs of the society in which they are sold. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Advertising has become the dominating influence in affecting consumer behaviour in the modern world. In an effort to increase sales, marketers invest large sums of money in advertising consumer goods. Others claim that the large sales of popular consumer items are not a reflection of society’s actual needs, but rather of the effectiveness of advertising. In this essay, I will explain the extent to which I believe advertising influences customers’ purchase decisions.

Advertising has the ability to generate demand for products that did not previously exist. For instance, advertising might persuade consumers to purchase a shampoo brand that promises to make their hair thicker and shinier, even if they did not need it previously. This indicates that advertising can generate demand for things that consumers previously did not believe they required.

Using persuasive strategies such as emotional appeals and celebrity endorsements, advertising can also influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. These methods can make things appear more desirable and persuade consumers to purchase them. For example, if a celebrity endorses a product, people may regard it as superior and appealing, even though they have no practical need for it. But, it is equally important to note that advertising alone cannot ensure high consumer product sales. Even if a product is properly advertised, it is unlikely to sell successfully if it does not suit consumers’ actual needs. In addition to successful advertising, it is crucial for businesses to produce items that suit the needs and wishes of consumers.

In conclusion, while advertising has the ability to affect consumer behaviour and generate product demand, it cannot be stated that the high sales of popular consumer items are simply attributable to advertising’s effectiveness. Genuine consumer wants and aspirations play an important part in consumers’ purchase decisions. Businesses must strike a balance between meeting consumer wants and aspirations and promoting their products efficiently through advertising.

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