Discuss and Opinion Essays

Discuss and opinion essay type is one of the most important essays that IELTS students should prepare. You have to present your opinion on the given topic.

  • Competition or cooperation what is best for students?

    Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Others believe that children who are taught to cooperate become more useful adults. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

    Sample Solution

    While some people in society believe that fostering competition in schools is important, others believe that teaching children how to cooperate instead of competing will benefit them in the long run. I concur with the latter, since cooperation teaches kids how to be socially and politically responsible. This essay will explain all sides of the controversy as well as my position.

    On the one side, there are people who think that instilling a sense of competitiveness is important because it will inspire people to work harder. They contend that when there is competition in the classroom, children are more driven to work hard and achieve success. For instance, in Nana Kobina Gyan Primary School, each class receives a prize for finishing first in class, which has motivated many students to work hard to achieve the prize. Therefore, the competition encourages kids to learn effectively.

    However, I and some philosophical schools think that having a sense of working in a group will help kids as they get older since it develops their social skills. Students who work in groups will develop their communication skills, which will be useful once they begin working. For instance, I work as a nurse and developed my social skills through collaboration in the nursing training program. As they collaborate, students learn to respect one another’s perspectives. Working in a team also teaches students how to be good leaders; some of these students can be identified by the way they support their peers.

    In conclusion, some people think that competition should be emphasized because it gives kids more motivation to learn, but I disagree because I believe that teamwork will benefit kids since it will develop their leadership and communication skills for when they enter the workforce.

  • Advertising is extremely successful at persuading us

    Some say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it.
    Discuss both views and give your opinion.

    Sample Solution

    Some individuals believe that advertisements do their best to convince people to make purchases. On the other hand, others perceive commercials as not convincing enough and think people do not pay attention to them. while others think they are too commonplace and would be forgotten after a while. I believe despite not paying much attention advertisements influence people to buy things.

    People who believe that advertisements are very persuasive believe that seeing advertisements causes customers to develop unwarranted wants for a product or service, leading them to think they need it. In contrast, advertising firms employ a range of psychological strategies to persuade consumers to purchase their goods, such as arousing emotions or triggering nostalgia. Finally, they believe that advertisements constantly nudge people to get into their heads. For instance, in public places, in the media, and even in people’s private times, like when everyone talks to their loved ones online.

    On the other hand, other people believe that because advertisements are present everywhere people turn, they don’t even notice them. Furthermore, people’s attention spans are shortened as a result of the information overload brought on by simultaneous exposure to data. What amount of time passes after an advertisement has been seen before people forget about it? As a result of retailers’ dishonest practices, which range from selling fake goods to providing substandard goods, trust has been eroded among customers and sellers.

    In conclusion, I believe that the massive effects of advertising on our brains will be lessened by their lies and our reduced attention span, but they still cannot be entirely disregarded because of cognitive bias in people and the new ways that advertising organizations employ to persuade the public.

  • Is change always a good thing at work?

    Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing.
    Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

    Sample Solution

    People’s work has evolved into a contentious issue. Many people believe that someone is more likely to complete the same task than one that is different. Others, however, believe that workers benefit financially from the diversity of employment patterns. Both viewpoints will be covered in this essay, along with my personal opinion.

    First of all, the former perspective emphasizes a worker’s effectiveness at a repetitive task. With the aid of experts in that field of work, a person can maintain a solid command of a task with maximum efficiency. If the nature of the task is constantly changing, a person cannot handle operational challenges. For instance, a manufacturing worker with extensive expertise may do this activity precisely and efficiently as a result of his prior experiences. Additionally, the worker has significant stress due to the variety of tasks. He would therefore make an effort to prevent such things.

    The latter viewpoint, on the other hand, shows the potential of a person who has difficult, diverse job routines. Many employees desire to mix up the routine of their jobs and try out new approaches. Such adaptability in the workplace will improve a worker’s skills and may lead to a creative work style. For instance, contemporary businesses encourage their employees to adopt flexible work over time in order to promote their overall development. Therefore, people will benefit from the discriminating nature of the work.

    In conclusion, the workers’ primary objective is to do the assignment efficiently. The latter viewpoint, in my opinion, is more dynamic in meeting the needs of both businesses and employees. Such an upbeat work style helps broaden a worker’s range of capabilities.

  • Advantages of following local customs – Opinion Essay

    Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behaviour. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome cultural differences.
    Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

    Sample Solution

    Tourists are advised to abide by the code of conduct all over the world. The majority of people believe that this viewpoint allows for separate, different traditions to exist in an easier state. Both sides of the argument will be covered in this article. I believe that visitors should abide by the host country’s laws and regulations.

    Learning new things and averting threats to one’s life are without a doubt the most preventative justifications for maintaining local customs. This is due to the fact that the new civilization exposes tourists to unique local culture early on in their lives, guiding and integrating them with a specific setting. Second, because they are unaware of the local criminal activities and the means to ensure their protection, visitors are easily targeted because of the way they appear. For instance, when a newlywed Pakistani couple travels to the US and dresses according to their own taste, there are mobile phone snatching incidents close to the Trump Tower. As a result, following local norms exposes visitors in a surprising way.

    However, a unique cultural phenomenon allows for the freedom of tradition and stimulates the economy. First, the allocation of culture will direct guests to stay in comfort, and style, and introduce their way of life to improve the local population’s education of foreigners. For instance, a tour of United Arab Emirates nationals in Pakistan can inform the local community about their cuisine, attire, and cultural practices. Additionally, allowing for one’s own civilized way of life may increase and attract tourism, which will pave the way for trade, bring in foreign exchange, and expand the travel and tourism sector. Therefore, the separate heritage might pique foreigners’ interest and draw tourists.

    In conclusion, adopting one’s own culture can increase benefits for both tourists and the state while adhering to the local fashion increases influence among the locals but also poses health dangers. I firmly believe that tourists must follow the laws of the country they are in.

  • Advantages or disadvantages of a co-ed school

    Present a written argument or case to an educated reader with no specialist knowledge of the following topic:

    Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both these views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

    Sample Solution

    Some people in the community believe that teaching young children in separate schools based on their gender offers more advantages. However, the opposing viewpoint is held by another segment of the population. However, because most developed nations use this method to create a well-behaved populace, I agree with the notion that young pupils should attend a mixed school rather than two separate ones.

    There are benefits to having distinct educational facilities for boys and girls, such as the opportunity to completely gender-tailor the curriculum. While boys’ academies can be more concentrated on engineering studies and sports for guys, the school can concentrate on areas that will be more valuable for the girls, such as aesthetics, science, and women’s sports. Since the curriculum structure in Sri Lanka takes into account both boys’ and girls’ colleges, we could clearly perceive this division. Not only so, but the subjects that are taught in such colleges clearly differ from one another.

    But I really believe that mixed-gender schools are the best option. because it is not advisable to differentiate instruction based on gender. Additionally, isolating the pupils at a young age may reduce the chances for them to learn more about one another and how their personalities differ. As a result, when they mature, they may find it difficult to interact with one another because society begins to view them as strangers, which could harm society as a whole. As a result, the majority of schools in the most industrialized nations, like Japan, do not maintain this distance. Japan has been able to preserve its psychologically rich society as a result.

    As a result, I would say that both educational approaches have advantages and disadvantages. However, in my opinion, I would prefer to have mixed-gender schools because they give both sexes the chance to learn from one another and undoubtedly create a healthy and prosperous community.

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