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Fixed punishment for each type of crime

Some people feel that there should be a fixed punishment for each type of crime. Others feel that the circumstances of an offence should be taken into account when deciding on a punishment. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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A few individuals have a belief that a uniform punishment should be in action for all types of crimes. While another section of people advocate to consider the facts of the particular case in order to decide punishment This essay will discuss both perspectives and provide my personal viewpoint.

Those in favour of fixed punishments argue that they promote legal system clarity and consistency. By designating predetermined penalties to specific offences, it is believed that justice is served equally for all individuals who commit similar crimes. This method promotes public confidence in the legal system by ensuring impartiality and predictability. In contrast, proponents of taking into account the circumstances of an offence believe that a more individualised approach to punishment is required. They argue that factors such as intent, motivation, and criminal background should be considered. Thus, sentencing can more accurately reflect the unique circumstances of each case. Rather than relying solely on a standard framework, this strategy seeks to achieve fairness by tailoring punishments to specific circumstances.

Although fixed punishments may have advantages in terms of consistency and openness, I believe it is essential to consider the circumstances surrounding a crime. Every transgression is characterised by its own complexities and unique set of circumstances, which necessitate a thorough investigation. This nuance is overlooked when all cases are treated identically. In an ideal world, a balanced approach incorporating both components would be the most effective way to administer equitable justice. Establishing general guidelines for certain categories of crimes can ensure uniformity across similar cases while allowing judges or judicial bodies to consider relevant factors when determining appropriate punishments.

In conclusion, there are conflicting views on whether fixed punishments or consideration of circumstances are more suitable when deciding on penalties for crimes. While fixed punishments provide uniformity, taking into account individual circumstances allows for more personalized outcomes. Striking a balance between these two approaches appears to be the fairest means of serving justice in our society.

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