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What damage do Plastics do to the Environment?

Plastic bags, plastic bottles, and plastic packaging are bad for the environment. What damage do plastics do to the environment?

What can be done by the government and individuals to solve this problem?

Model Solution – IELTS Essay on Plastics

Plastic usage has become an issue of considerable concern for our planet. Plastic bags, bottles, and packaging are particularly damaging to the environment in the present day. The following paragraphs will discuss the negative effects of plastic on our planet and the steps that authorities and individuals can take to combat this problem.

Due to plastic’s inability to decompose, it is associated with a vast array of disadvantages. Plastic bags discarded on highways and mixed with dirt are detrimental to the soil. This diminishes the land’s fertility and stunts the growth of trees and crops. Additionally, drinking water from plastic containers might be hazardous to one’s health. When these containers are exposed to direct sunlight, their microparticles are mixed with the liquid, which may cause cancer in the user. In addition, the majority of items are packaged in plastic containers. Numerous empty plastic packages are thrown into rivers and oceans. It destroys the water and its people without a doubt. For example, the World Health Organisation published research in 2021 stating that ocean species, particularly the Wale fish, struggle to live because of the abundance of millions of tonnes of plastic waste in the oceans. As a result, this will affect the ecology as a whole.

For this issue to be resolved, the government and the general public must adopt strict measures together. Initially, the government must prohibit the use of plastic bags. These purses can be constructed from fabric. People could also push local merchants to embrace cotton or textile sacks. Second, the government must conduct an internet advertising campaign about the benefits of using glass and copper water bottles. Celebrities, influential YouTubers, and well-known motivational speakers must join this campaign since they can influence their followers and viewers. Thirdly, the government regulates the recycling of numerous roadside wrappers. Citizens also contribute to the organisation. For instance, households must place all plastic trash in recycling bins, and the government should place adequate recycling bins along the roads to collect recyclable waste.

In conclusion, plastic has made its way into everyday objects. It hurts our planet. Governments must establish rules and laws to lessen this chaos, and individuals contribute by adhering to these rules.

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