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Younger family members should be legally responsible for

Some believe that younger family members should be legally responsible for supporting older family members when they become physically, mentally, or financially unable to look after themselves. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Some people believe that younger family members should be legally liable for seniors in the family if they no longer have the physical and mental capacity to care for themselves. I disagree with this concept and believe that it should not be legalised. The arguments for my argument will be elaborated upon in the next paragraphs before I reach my conclusion.

Currently, there are elements of society who believe it is the responsibility of descendants to care for physically and psychologically frail old relatives. However, I strongly disagree with this, not because students care for elderly people, but because it should be made legal. I believe it is always a wonderful thing for children to care for their family members, but this should be voluntary. Everyone has the freedom to choose whether or not to engage in a certain activity.

In addition, one of the studies reveals that some individuals, notably young people, are not prepared to control the lives of others since they are still battling with their own. Consider, for instance, a person who works day and night but is nonetheless plagued by financial, employment, and educational concerns. Therefore, it would be ideal for these individuals to care for their family members when they can do so; otherwise, it would add to their load.

In conclusion, even though certain people believe that younger family members should be legally accountable for the elderly, I beg to differ and believe that everyone must have the freedom of choice. Therefore, it should not be declared a requirement but rather an option. The kids must care for others when they believe they are ready and have no other responsibilities.

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