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Universities should accept equal numbers of men and women

Universities should accept equal numbers of men and women in every subject. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

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Gender issues have been increasing in importance through the centuries. In almost every sphere of human activity, there has been a movement towards greater equality between men and women. Although I agree that universities should open their doors to all students alike, in my view, they need not set a fixed limit on the number of men and women they accept in each subject. The bases for my opinions are psychological and personal.

Psychologically-speaking, men and women are merely different, though they have the same potential for greatness. For example, women tend to be more intuitive, sensitive to others and caring. It means they may feel drawn, based on their personalities, to certain kinds of professions such as teaching, nursing, or psychology, even if all fields are open to them. In such a context, universities should choose the best applicants, regardless of gender.

Personally, students need to discover their true calling. It is an individual matter and is not influenced by the universities reserving seats for men or women. For example, if most women shy away from math or engineering, perhaps it has to do with their upbringing, which has influenced their interests. The universities will not be able to reverse this trend, though they should always lookout for the most qualified candidates.

In conclusion, equality cannot be forced upon people – not in the area of education, employment or family life. Equality is about having choices, and those who prove themselves capable will qualify for university, regardless of gender. It is only right that universities reflect and respect these free and natural choices being exercised by their students.

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