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Many criminals resort back to crime as soon as they are released

Many criminals resort back to crime as soon as they are released from prison. What do you think are the causes for this? What effects will this have on society?

Model Answer [IELTS Essay on Crime and Criminals]

It has been found that once convicts are released from prison, they return to committing offences. This behaviour could be caused by a number of causes, including lack of financial resources and unemployment owing to renown. However, such behaviour has different consequences for the community, including mental illness for the victim.

First and foremost, the lack of financial resources is the leading cause of recidivism among offenders. In this day, wealth is the most important factor for sustaining existence. Everything, from food to clothing, is dependent on money. When criminals lack financial stability, they are forced to perpetrate crimes like robbery, kidnapping, and murder. For example, a poll reveals that 48% of New York bank robberies result from the financial crisis. Therefore, money is the primary motivation for lawbreakers to commit crimes again.

In addition, the lack of available work to make money may also be a factor in this behaviour. Although the offender has been released from prison, they are still viewed as dangerous, which inspires suspicion among potential employers. As a result, individuals engage in illegal behaviours such as murder, rape, physical abuse, and blackmail to exact retribution for their offences or satisfy their cravings. For instance, according to studies, 67 per cent of murders are a response to unemployment and maltreatment. Thus, the stigma associated with jail results in recidivism.

Moreover, these infractions result in emotional breakdowns among the target and their family. Additionally, it can occasionally result in lifelong impairment. Several girls are attacked with acid because they refused marriage proposals that would have destroyed their beauty and careers. Therefore, the consequences of these actions might be extremely detrimental to multiple lives.

In conclusion, dishonour and poverty are the factors that lead individuals to return to criminal activity following their release from prison. Furthermore, they have a negative impact on society.

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