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Are International Sports Events Essential? – Sample Essay

Popular events like the football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential for easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Sample IELTS Essay on Sports Events

Global sporting events draw participants from various nations, allowing them to showcase their abilities. Many individuals think that events like the Olympics and sporting events are crucial for improving national cohesion and relations between nations. This essay will go over the reasons why international sporting events are so important for fostering relationships between nations.

First of all, empathetic environments are created through sports like football, cricket, boxing, and many more. This indicates that there will be six to seven nations participating in a particular game, but only one will be crowned the champion. Failure fosters a type of camaraderie among the losing squad. Consider the World Cup match of cricket, contested by various nations but only between two representatives in the final. All the participating nations enjoy the game despite their disappointment at losing. As a result, these occurrences eliminate the current sense of nationalism and enhance their relationship.

Second, wealthy nations organize these well-known games to display their wealth and status in front of a crowd. These sporting events are organized in stadiums by nations that want to welcome fans and participants from all over the world to showcase their cultures and the natural splendour of their countries. However, many people question whether this is the only justification for taking on such a heavy financial burden. For instance, new research confirms that sponsoring major events in their country raises their stature internationally and enhances their reputation. As a result, the organizers think that the audience will be interested in seeing the nation’s resources and abilities are shown.

In conclusion, well-known occasions like the Football World Cup and other sports enhance the relationship by putting an end to persistent issues or war and fostering world peace. I concur with the assertion made and feel that these events need top importance.

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