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Who should guide kids’ behaviour?

Some argue that teaching children good behaviour is the responsibility of the parents, while others contend that school is the right place for learning this.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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The development of social awareness in children should begin at a young age, and how to do this is an issue that is frequently disputed. While some people claim that it is the role of parents to teach their children appropriate behaviour, others maintain that schools are the best setting in which to do so. Before coming to a logical conclusion, this essay will investigate and discuss the justifications for both points of view.

A child’s education includes teaching them moral values like tolerance, sharing, knowledge, and fundamental abilities. They should get to work and live with individuals from diverse backgrounds throughout this time in the classroom. For instance, elementary school classrooms in Norway are set up so that students from all socioeconomic, racial, and gastronomic backgrounds can attend. As a result, it may be claimed that one of the key goals of educational institutions is to teach kids how to get along with one another and support their local community.

However, going to school is merely the next stage in teaching young adults how important it is to respect others and follow the rules. Parents are often believed to be responsible for this because it always starts at home. For instance, a recent empirical study by the UK government found that 60% of teenagers who were distressed about growing up without their parents were more likely to engage in illegal behaviour. This demonstrates that parents are undoubtedly the first to assist youngsters in learning what’s essential and how to behave.

In conclusion, education is crucial for a child’s social integration. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that the family should serve as a child’s primary source of instruction for forming a moral outlook on society.

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