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Weddings are getting bigger and more expensive

Weddings are getting bigger and more expensive. What is the reason for this? Is it a positive or negative development?

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Compared to the past, modern wedding rituals include a substantial amount of money and many guests. The tendency of people to flaunt themselves is, in my opinion, one of the primary causes of this trend. This essay aims to illustrate why over-budgeted and larger wedding celebrations cause more damage than good.

Nowadays, people spend a lot of money. Spending a lot of money and inviting many guests to a wedding is mostly to show off. This is because many individuals feel that bragging about their money by overpaying for such events will get social recognition. People in Punjab, for instance, prefer to rent wedding palaces, which are often costly, rather than organise weddings in their houses. Moreover, the higher the anticipated attendance, the larger the food and seating arrangements. Thus, sending invites to all connections to increase the size of wedding events is not a good idea, as it will raise the whole expenditure.

In my opinion, the trend toward larger and more expensive weddings is detrimental. Due to their inability to spend big sums of money on weddings, individuals from middle-class households may feel inferior to those from rich families. As a result, they favour taking out loans for these purposes and spending a significant amount of time paying them back. The money squandered on weddings might be used for other reasons, such as charitable contributions to schools and orphanages. In this approach, individuals will not only give to a worthy cause but also feel gratified by helping the disadvantaged. Therefore, smaller weddings with fewer budgets are preferable.

In conclusion, I believe that flaunting one’s wealth and influence is a waste of money since it may foster feelings of inferiority among the poor. In addition, if individuals donate that money to charity, the world will become a better place for those who truly need it.

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