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Violence in the Media – Agree or Disagree Essay Sample

Some people believe that violence in the media, such as in television programs and films, directly results in violent behaviour. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Model Solution

Some individuals feel that violence in the media, such as on television and in movies, directly leads to violent behaviour. I completely agree with this statement because people imitate behaviours learnt through the media.

First and foremost, media showing violence in movies or games makes it believe that being violent is acceptable. Further, content that is aired on television programs and movies has a substantial impact on the nature and behaviour of people. Just like people are adapting fashion sense from the media, they are also adapting violent behaviour. Many times these shows serve as a guide to violent behaviour, such as how to use a particular weapon. These things are contributing to offensive and violent behaviour, especially among youth.

Second, many video games are popular among young people nowadays. In addition, the excessive amount of time young people spend playing these violent video games affects their behaviour. In addition, the aggressive and violent behaviour of adolescents and young adults who play violent online video games is often distinguished from that of their peers. Individuals, particularly adolescents, tend to engage in violent behaviour in real life. In Japan and Korea, video murder games such as “squid game” gained popularity last year. Many individuals played this game online and gradually started to play it in the real world. Nevertheless, a number of individuals began killing one another due to this game. Following this, the governments of Japan and Korea prohibited this kind of broadcast game.

In conclusion, people are inspired by movies and television shows. Consequently, they are also inspired by violent action scenes. The government should adopt some measures to limit such scenes from children and young adults.

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