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The cultures of different individual countries are being lost

According to many, due to globalization, the cultures of different individual countries are being lost. What do you think should be done to protect the tradition?

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Globalization has significantly impacted different cultures around the world. Some believe that this phenomenon leads to the loss of cultural heritage and tradition. In this essay, I will discuss various ways to protect the tradition in the wake of globalization.

There are various ways to protect tradition despite globalization. Firstly, education plays a vital role in preserving the culture of a country. Schools can integrate cultural programs and events in their curriculum to help students understand and appreciate their heritage. Secondly, the government can introduce laws to protect the cultural heritage of a country. For instance, the government can provide funding for cultural programs and events, as well as introduce penalties for those who damage cultural sites. Finally, people can also contribute to preserving their culture. They can support local artists and craftsmen, as well as participate in cultural events and festivals.

In conclusion, globalization is a double-edged sword, which brings both benefits and drawbacks. Although it has led to the loss of cultural heritage in some countries, there are various ways to protect tradition. By educating people, introducing laws, and involving individuals in cultural events, we can preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

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