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Sports personalities often get paid millions of dollars

International entertainers, including sports personalities, often get paid millions of dollars in one year.
In your view, with widespread poverty in the world, are these huge earnings justified?

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Actors and athletes earn a great deal of money for their profession in today’s culture. However, some people believe that this is not good for the country because the economy is deteriorating and people are competing for their personal wants. Therefore, I agree with this assertion, which I will illustrate in the following paragraph.

To begin with, the government pays substantial salaries to athletes and entertainers so that they can preserve a positive public image. They always advocate for national economics and keep the nation in the lead on the world stage. For instance, athletes are providing honour to their country, which makes us pleased that they represent us. In addition, as the country’s reputation improves among other worldwide competitors, it is necessary to provide an additional perk for players and international individuals. In addition, they have a lot of expenses for themselves, must maintain a regular social look, and must protect themselves from additional threats.

As a result of the country’s poverty, however, few persons oppose this. People in the same countries are battling for their needs and are unable to survive. As an example, the country of Sri Lanka is currently struggling to meet its own demands, but its players are living well since they have made so much money for their future, and the prices of even the smallest items are so high that average people cannot afford them.

In conclusion, I agree wholeheartedly with the statement that all nations must consider their own condition and that of their citizens to avoid fighting for food, housing, and clothing.

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