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Too much focus and resources have been spent to protect wild animals

Some people claim that too much focus and resources have been spent to protect wild animals and birds. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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It is argued by some that excessive attention and funding is given to the protection of wildlife. While others believe that it is essential to maintain the balance of the ecosystem by preserving flora and fauna. This essay will discuss both perspectives and give my opinion.

On one hand, prioritizing human needs holds some merit. With issues like poverty and hunger demanding attention, diverting resources to wildlife conservation can seem like a misplaced priority. Additionally, human reliance on natural resources can put them in conflict with animal habitats. Communities living near protected areas may face crop damage caused by wild animals, creating resentment towards conservation efforts.

However, the importance of wildlife far outweighs these concerns. Healthy ecosystems, heavily reliant on a diverse range of animals and birds, are essential for clean air and water, pollination, and pest control. Their decline disrupts these natural processes, ultimately affecting human well-being. Moreover, protecting endangered species is not just about saving individual animals; it is also about preserving biodiversity, – the very foundation of a healthy planet.

The solution lies in striking a balance. Conservation efforts can be made more sustainable by involving local communities, and ensuring they benefit from protected areas through eco-tourism or sustainable resource management. Technological advancements can also play a role, in minimising human-wildlife conflict while maximising conservation effectiveness.

In conclusion, prioritizing human needs in resource allocation is understandable, but neglecting wildlife conservation has far-reaching consequences. A sustainable approach that integrates both human and environmental needs is crucial to ensure a healthy future for all.

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