Positive or Negative Development

People buy many things that are not relevant to them

Nowadays, people buy many things that are not relevant to them. Why is this happening? Is this negative or positive development for society and for the individual?

Model Solution

In today’s consumerist society, people tend to buy many things that they may not necessarily need or find useful. This trend has become increasingly common due to easy access to online shopping and the rise of advertisements.

There are several reasons why people buy unnecessary things. Firstly, the influence of social media and advertisements has made people more conscious of the latest trends and fashions. Secondly, the availability of online shopping has made it more convenient to buy things impulsively. Further, deceptive marketing practices such as huge discount offers make people believe that they are buying things for cheap. Price factor make people buy more things because they think the prices may rise in the future.

While some argue that this trend has a positive impact on the economy by increasing consumer spending and creating job opportunities, it can also have negative consequences for both society and individuals. This behaviour can lead to an increase in waste and environmental degradation and can also contribute to personal debt and financial instability. For example, some people would buy things on finance or EMIs just to show off but in the long term, they may suffer due to financial crunch.

In conclusion, the trend of buying unnecessary things has become increasingly common due to various reasons. Although it can positively impact the economy, it can also have negative consequences for society and individuals. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of our spending habits and make conscious decisions when purchasing goods.

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