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Need of making recycling a legal mandate

Some people claim that not enough of the waste from homes is recycled. They say that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement.
To what extent do you think laws are needed to make people recycle more of their waste?

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One of the most contentious ideas in today’s world is recycling. Many people contend that household waste is not being recycled effectively and that the only way to promote recycling is for governments to impose legal requirements. I think individuals should be more conscious of their surroundings and the environment, even though it might be a significant step toward increasing the amount of recycled waste.

First off, why is public awareness more significant than governmental control? The first and most obvious one is that most people do not know how to properly recycle their home waste, so they are unable to recycle it. To further clarify, if people knew how to use waste, the majority of waste would not only be recycled but also used in a variety of domestic tasks. For instance, it is feasible to create biofuel that can be used for cooking from organic waste. According to an ILO survey from 2015, 25% of Bangladeshi households utilize bio-plants to generate biogas on average. Therefore, raising awareness can significantly increase the amount of waste that is recycled.

Furthermore, governments’ enforcement of laws requiring the recycling of waste might function as a catalyst for this development. People would be more inclined to recycle their household waste if the government made recycling both mandatory and legally required. For instance, Romania, a nation in Europe, uses 90% of the garbage generated by homes, where recycling has been made mandatory for all residences. Therefore, it follows that putting a legal requirement into effect will have an impact.

To sum up, public knowledge would play the most crucial role, despite the fact that the government may have a significant impact on the population. Governments should prioritize changing how the public views the recycling of waste.

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