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Contact between many different parts of the world

In the 21st century, contact between many different parts of the world has developed rapidly through air travel and telecommunications. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Travel and Telecommunications in the 21st Century

Through air travel and telecommunications, the interaction between populations in various parts of the world has increased fast in the 21st century. This movement has both benefits and drawbacks, so both will be examined in depth in the following paragraphs before the conclusion is made.

Air travel and telecommunications have grown increasingly prominent in the public eye, which is undeniable. Today’s culture has a tendency to forget what life was like before the advent of advanced technologies. For instance, with excessive use of air travel, telecommunications technologies such as the telephone, and other technological gadgets, a person may become excessively dependent on them and be unable to do anything or handle their present difficulties.

However, I feel that the benefits of air travel and communications exceed the aforementioned negatives. They make life easier and faster for people. In the past, when there were no other technologies or internet connections, my grandparents would write letters to one another in order to communicate. As a result, it took more than a week to distribute those letters, and some of them were lost during delivery. In addition, they had to sail across the ocean, which took a week, because there was no other mode of transportation like air travel. They said that life was tougher during their era than it is today.

In conclusion, despite the fact that people can become overly reliant on highly developed means of communication, such as air travel and telecommunications, I believe their benefits greatly outweigh their drawbacks because they improve the quality of human life by making things more convenient, comfortable, and suitable in the modern digital world.

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