Positive or Negative Development

Bad effects of self-treatment as opposed to medical attention.

Nowadays, a growing number of people with health problems are trying alternative medicines and treatments instead of visiting their usual doctor. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

Sample Solution

Many people have a tendency to consume medications today without receiving a correct diagnosis from a doctor. This, in my opinion, is a bad development because it will have a variety of detrimental effects on a person’s life. The essay’s subsequent paragraphs will examine two elements that helped shape my viewpoint.

First off, taking the medication without a prescription can make an existing problem worse or will increase the risk of developing a serious disease. Humans should not take medications in accordance with what they have read or heard in a newspaper article or on the internet. Due to what they have learned in school, doctors are knowledgeable about the best treatments for various disorders. Therefore, it is wise to see a doctor before ingesting any substances because they may affect your body differently. For instance, a growing number of new cases brought to the hospital in Anuradhapura are being brought on by using illegal narcotics, according to a recent report in the Sunday Times.

In addition to the aforementioned risks, abusing illegal drugs can result in death. For instance, if people look back at the mainstream media over the past few years, they can find numerous examples of how unprescribed drugs have killed individuals all over the world. Additionally, if they had contacted the appropriate personnel prior to taking those drugs, several diseases would have been curable. Therefore, consulting a doctor before taking medication on your own is recommended.

I’ll emphasize that seeking therapy on your own is a bad idea because it will result in serious disease, and occasionally even death. So, before receiving care based on word of mouth, everyone should behave responsibly.

Finally, I want to stress that seeking care on your own is a bad idea because it will result in serious sickness, and occasionally even death. Therefore, before seeking medical attention based solely on word of mouth, everyone should behave responsibly.

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