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Advertisements try to persuade children to buy snacks

In some countries, advertisers increase the amount of advertising which try to persuade children to buy snacks, toys and other goods. Parents object to such pressure on children. But some advertisers claim that there is useful information in these advertisements.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

IELTS Sample Essay on Impact of Advertisements on Children

In certain nations, advertisers boost their efforts to get youngsters to purchase food, toys, and other products. Parents oppose the exertion of such pressure on youngsters. However, some advertisers assert that these advertisements include important information. In this essay, I will evaluate both views and provide my insights over the same.

Some advertised products may not be usable or suitable for all children. Children are not able to understand that the attractive person in the ad may not actually use the product or that the product may not be as good as it seems. They may also not understand that they are being manipulated by advertisers. Further, many parents may not be able to afford the things that their children demand. It puts them into hardship as sometimes they buy things for the children by borrowing money from someone. Hence, advertisements play with the innocent minds of young adults, but parents of those children suffer due to the actions of marketers.

On the other hand, advertisers and marketers justify that these commercials are valuable to understanding the nature and benefits of the product. For example, many advertisements are created using contexts and demonstrations of how to use the product and what new features are available as compared to existing products in the market. In my view, advertisers may be correct to some extent, but they should understand that their marketing strategy may create problems for certain sections of society. Advertising is done so a buyer can decide what to buy. Children are not the ones who make informed decisions based on advertisements.

In conclusion, it is a valid point from advertisers that their promos share some knowledge and information about the advertised products. But there is no solid point in sharing knowledge with children when they are not capable of making informed decisions.

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