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Advantages of following local customs – Opinion Essay

Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behaviour. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome cultural differences.
Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

Sample Solution

Tourists are advised to abide by the code of conduct all over the world. The majority of people believe that this viewpoint allows for separate, different traditions to exist in an easier state. Both sides of the argument will be covered in this article. I believe that visitors should abide by the host country’s laws and regulations.

Learning new things and averting threats to one’s life are without a doubt the most preventative justifications for maintaining local customs. This is due to the fact that the new civilization exposes tourists to unique local culture early on in their lives, guiding and integrating them with a specific setting. Second, because they are unaware of the local criminal activities and the means to ensure their protection, visitors are easily targeted because of the way they appear. For instance, when a newlywed Pakistani couple travels to the US and dresses according to their own taste, there are mobile phone snatching incidents close to the Trump Tower. As a result, following local norms exposes visitors in a surprising way.

However, a unique cultural phenomenon allows for the freedom of tradition and stimulates the economy. First, the allocation of culture will direct guests to stay in comfort, and style, and introduce their way of life to improve the local population’s education of foreigners. For instance, a tour of United Arab Emirates nationals in Pakistan can inform the local community about their cuisine, attire, and cultural practices. Additionally, allowing for one’s own civilized way of life may increase and attract tourism, which will pave the way for trade, bring in foreign exchange, and expand the travel and tourism sector. Therefore, the separate heritage might pique foreigners’ interest and draw tourists.

In conclusion, adopting one’s own culture can increase benefits for both tourists and the state while adhering to the local fashion increases influence among the locals but also poses health dangers. I firmly believe that tourists must follow the laws of the country they are in.

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