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Advantages of Having More Young Adults in the Population

At the present time, the population of some countries includes a relatively large number of young adults compared with the number of older people. Do the advantages of this situation outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample Solution

In certain countries today, there appear to be substantially more adults than older persons. Both age groups play an important part in society, but I think that since the younger generation contributes more innovations and more readily adapts to the modern world, the benefits of this ratio exceed its drawbacks.

The primary advantage of having more adults in a country is accelerating the pace of national development. Since young people are more imaginative, enthusiastic, and motivated than older people, they can develop novel approaches in a variety of fields, such as business and education, which helps them succeed more frequently in expanding marketplaces and prepare future generations to be more effective forces. A younger population would also be better able to pick up new skills and adapt to modern technology quickly. This aspect is probably advantageous not only to their countries but also to some of the recent low-employment nations like Brazil and Japan, who may have a greater need for young, skilled laborers.

However, elderly individuals may struggle to use the new technology, and frequently they are unwilling to absorb the younger generation’s ideas. Adults, on the other hand, would compete ferociously to fill particular roles. For instance, there would be more young applicants and less recruitment if you wanted to work in a bank. As a result, many young people are prone to taking chances and starting new firms without the necessary expertise or understanding, leading to repeated failures. Due to systemic abnormalities and increased brain drain caused by inadequate management, human management is crucial in this context for all nations, especially developing nations.

In conclusion, I firmly feel that a more young and motivated workforce is necessary for a society’s success and growth than older, retired ones, even though both age groups are required to maintain a country’s balance.

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