advantages and disadvantages essays
Advantages Disadvantages Essay

Should the production of GM foods be increased

With a growing population, many people believe that we should focus on producing more Genetically Modified (GM) foods. What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing this?

advantages and disadvantages essays

The world population is constantly growing, leading to the issue of food insecurity. In order to address this problem, many think that the production of genetically modified foods must be increased. I believe that the disadvantages of this outweigh the advantages because of the health problems caused by Genetically Modified foods.

The primary advantage of Genetically Modified foods is that they can effectively address the problem of food insecurity. A large amount of nutritious food can be produced in bulk to feed the growing population, which also decreases the cost of food production. Another advantage is that this food has a longer shelf life, reducing food wastage. Given the shortage of organic food, this may be the only option available to ensure that people in impoverished areas are not undernourished.

However, there are a number of disadvantages of Genetically Modified foods. Firstly, many people are allergic to them. Hence, only those who are not allergic to these foods will be able to consume them, leaving many others without food. Secondly, and more importantly, some studies have shown that GM foods can even cause cancer, especially when they are consumed in large amounts. If they become the norm and people consume GM foods on a daily basis, the incidence of cancer will increase.

To conclude, it is likely that increasing the production of GM foods is the most effective way of addressing food shortage. However, there are several problems with doing so. Many people will not be able to consume these foods as they cause allergic reactions. They may even cause cancer when consumed in large amounts. Therefore, increasing the production of GM foods may be detrimental.

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