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44 Topics for IELTS Essays | September 2020

Topic 1 Many young people regularly change their jobs over the years. What are the reasons for this? Do the…

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13 IELTS Essay Topics for Practice | September 2020

Topic 1These days many young people leave school with a negative attitude towards learning. Why is this happening?Topic 2What can…

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When Your Opinion is Required in the Essay

It is extremely essential to present a clear position while writing your response to the question statement. It is vital…

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Writing an IELTS Essay [Step-by-Step]

Task 2 of IELTS writing is one of the most challenging parts for most of IELTS candidates. Task 2 or…

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Some useful phrasal verbs for IELTS writing

Believe in = When you believe in something or somebody you are sure that something or somebody exists. Break Down:…

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Should You Think in Native Language While Writing IELTS Essays

Well, when it comes to speaking English or writing in English for a non-native English speaker one thing that happens…

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